Time frequency synchronization
It is a high-performance time-frequency synchronous SOC chip, which can be used in telecommunications, transportation, financial securities and other fields. The function of the chip can be configured flexibly, which can output high-precision time synchronization signal and high-performance clock of various frequency points. The chip can provide solutions for GPS / BeiDou time service, IEEE 1588 and synchronous Ethernet clock. Ac4300 is integrated with many high-performance PLL chips, which has powerful functions of frequency synthesis, jitter filtering, ultra-low delay, high-precision phase adjustment, etc.
Typical application scenarios
· Core network router and switch · Synchronous Ethernet device · T-bcs and time slave · High speed Ethernet port device · Clock time source device bits, time server · 4G, 5g base station equipment · Electric power communication system
Main characteristics
· Two sets of high-performance system clock loops are integrated in the system to generate two sets of system clocks with different frequencies required by the system, such as 25m, 100m, 125m, 156.25m or 19.44m, 38.88m, 77.76m, 155.52m or 30.72m, 61.44m, 122.88m, 153.6m, etc;
· There is also a set of external clock tracking clock loop, which outputs 2.048MHz or 1.544MHz clock;
· Support system clock synchronization function, clock source can select 12 clock sources;
· The system clock loop bandwidth can be configured from 0.1uhz to 20kHz to meet the requirements of different application scenarios;
· There are 8 independent input clock ports, 6 of which support lvcmos level and 2 support LVPECL differential level;
· The system clock loop meets the communication related clock standards, such as g.811, g.812, g.813, g8262, g.8264, g.8265, etc;
· The differential output swing is 600 MV;
· Support high performance clock output function, need to track clock source;
· The output clock jitter is less than 200fs (jitter RMS is in the range of 12K ~ 20m);

· The chip output high performance clock supports 8-channel differential LVPECL level or 16 channel lvcmos level;
· Support 1149.1 JTAG scan chain;
· It supports Beidou GPS signal input and realizes the clock time service function, with the time service accuracy better than plus or minus 15ns;
· The frequency range is 10MHz ~ 150MHz;
· The input clock frequency ranges from 1 Hz to 100 MHz, and the output clock frequency ranges from 1 MHz to 500 MHz; · Support time synchronization function, the time source can be external time interface, IEEE1588 V2, etc; · The time synchronization tracking meets the communication related time standards g.8271, g.8272, g.8273, g.8274, g.8275.1, g.8275.2, IEEE 1588v2, 1PPS + TOD and B code mode; · The time input interface has four ports in 1PPS + TOD format, and can also be four interfaces for B code input;
· Two Ge optical ports supporting IEEE1588 protocol; · IEEE1588 protocol processing engine is integrated in the chip to realize the identification, parsing, generation and encapsulation of protocol messages; · The measurement precision of input time error reaches 30ps resolution, and the output error compensation precision is 30ps step; · It supports seamless switching between active and standby, and the clock phase difference between active and standby is better than 1ns; · When the clock source is lost, it can switch to the effective clock source smoothly, and the switching between normal sources can keep smooth; · The input and output can be compensated; · The configuration management interface adopts CPU parallel local bus or serial slave SPI interface; · The chip is powered by 3.3V and 1.2V power supply; · The chip package size is 11mm * 11mm, fc-bga package, ball spacing is 0.6mm.
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